Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Fun Places to Explore!

Before our time is done, there are a few more places to visit. Have fun!

Google Maps -
And it's sister program....Google Earth (this one you have to download)

For recipes and all things foodie - The Foodie View!

Get a calendar for your desktop at Blue Mountain Cards - (Free registration is required) 

Do you have any places that you like to visit? Post them in the comments box.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Activities for a Rainy Day

Or a sunny day! Here are some links to web sites with activities,  games and things to do; to keep your mind sharp, to keep your vocabulary impressive and to keep your jokes clean!

Try them out:
WebSudoku -

Merriam Webster Game of the Day -

For the Movie Buffs -

What to do and How to do it -

Apple Movie Trailers -

Daily Humor - -  there's a promotion going on from now until Sunday!

Seat Guru -

And for you real explorers!
TIME magazine compiles 50 Best Sites each year. Here are the 2009 winners
50 Best Websites

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Internet Scavenger Hunt

Open a Microsoft Word document to record your answers.

1.  What U.S. President was born in a town named Caldwell?
2.  What are the two species of elephants?
3.  Who played in the 1979 World Series?
4.  From what place did the Ebola virus get its name?
5.  What is the address of the Empire State Building?
6.  What is North Carolina's state bird?
7.  When did Dr. Seuss win the Pulitzer Prize?
8.  Who invented the paper clip?

9.  What was "Lady Bird" Johnson's maiden name?
10.   What country had the largest recorded earthquake?


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Importing and Exporting Favorites and Bookmarks

If you're moving from one browser to another, but would like to keep all your favorite sites accessible in both, then with a few easy steps, you can import and export them back and forth.
On the File Menu click on Bookmarks, hover down to Organize Bookmarks...and click to open. This will open up another browser window.
Click on the Import and Back up button. You will have 4 choices - the bottom 2 are the ones you will need.
To Export: 
Hover down to Export HTML...and click. This will open a Save dialog box. Choose a place to save the file (on your Desktop, in your Documents). (You can leave the default file name as bookmarks, but when you export from Internet Explorer that is the default file name, too. You could call it "bookmarksFF" or "bookmarksIE" to distinguish between the 2).
Click Save and remember where you saved your file!
To Import: 
Hover down to Import HTML...and click.  This will open the Import Wizard. The first step is to choose which type of file to import. For this you will click on From HTML file... then click Next.
An Open dialog box will open and you will navigate to where you saved your IE bookmarks file. (Maybe you called it bookmarksIE on the desktop? Hope so!)
Click Open - and you're done. Your bookmarks are now imported into Firefox.

Internet Explorer
To Export: 
On the File Menu click on File, hover down to Import and Export...and click to open. This will open up a Settings Wizard.
Select Export to a file and click Next
Select what you would like to export. Choose all or just Favorites. Click Next.
Select the folder that you would like to export your favorites from (the default choice is the top folder which is Favorites.) Click Next
You will Browse to choose a location for your file. (See above for handy tips!) Click Export.
Click Finish

To Import:
On the File Menu click on File, hover down to Import and Export...and click to open. This will open up a Settings Wizard.
If you're importing from Firefox, choose Import from Another Browser and click Next
Select the browser from which you are Importing - it should be listed there already. Click Import.
It may ask you to choose the settings to import - you can check all of them or only Favorites. Then click Finish.
Good luck!